The Shocking Truth about Two Career Families


In this article, I explore the impact of a two career family.

1. Children from a Two Career Family are more competent

Helicopter parents weaken children. Working parents make them strong.

When Joe feels soft and flabby, he rarely hunts for people to fix him.

Rather, he stresses his body, runs and lifts weights till his muscles get tough.

Children develop resilience when they feel a little resistance.

“I do it,” screams the determined toddler. He needs power.

“Let me try it,” demands the younger brother. He does too.

Teens withdraw into drugs and depression when their power is zapped.

Mom wants her daughter, Melissa, to be happy all the time, and perfect too.

Melissa demands life experience, support for mistakes and some setbacks, too.


2. The Effective Two Career Family is a Model for the Information Age

Working parents are role models for the complexity of the 21st Century.

Trying to do it all and falling short is part of today’s world.

Getting out there each day strengthens you and your children too.


Parents, who are continuously available to solve children’s problems, lessen them.

When life slaps you in the face, keep going and deal with it, Melissa learns too.

Your guilt at missing her game demands a heartfelt hug and, “I’m sorry.”


Escalating Change demands skill, compassion and innovative response.

The World Wide Web is tempered with the softness of human caring and love.

Dad wants romance and Mom needs help; He reads the bed time story and she melts.


3. The Industrial Age and your Parent’s Family are dead.

Time is speeding up, Mom and Dad’s post world war ll, picket fence world is finished.

Education for all, the internet and a fickle economy killed that celebrated family.

Working Sara struggles to create her stay-at-home mom’s life, but time zaps her day.


Zack feels, “less than,” when Sara suggests he forego golf for the kids. His father never did.

Lean in, you can have it all, but remember you don’t know the rules.

Sara worries, “My mother was always there. Will my children suffer?”


No, they’ll blossom and get strong as you learn the innovative 21st century way.

Research tells us that novelty is a function of evolution, explore your uniqueness.

Your Two Career Family is an adventurous, changing, tribe, but pause….


4. Learn the modern-day Rules for a Successful Two Career Family.

Breathe in and exhale out as you allow your partner or child enough space to be…

Be who they are; not who you think they should be, as anchored in conditioning from the past.

The Beatles chide you to let them be as they croon, “Let it be.” This is a rule.


Over four generations, I grasped the rules as my working parents lighted the way.

Our four, two career children use these same rules to parent winning, happy families.

I learned the rules over 45 years as a coach/counsellor for working family triumphs and failures.

My mission is to share those science based rules with you, my new tribe.



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