What is the Hidden Gift of a Two Career Family?


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   Dad’s Involvement in kids’ lives is an important part of school success and even college graduation. Research from the American Enterprise institute found that children of highly involved fathers had a 105% chance of graduating from college. They were 98% more likely to attain a college degree than students with uninvolved fathers.

  My mom was a nurse who went back to work when I was 18 months old. As a result, I had a very involved Dad. Although a stationary engineer Dad could whip up a neat plate of bacon, eggs and fried tomatoes before he packed us off to school on those days when Mom worked the early shift.

  My two brothers and I finished graduate schools and our combined six kids attended top notch college and professional schools. Along with our adult children we continue the two career family tradition with very involved fathers as well as committed mothers. Happily, my first grandchild is at Cornell and her younger sister just received early admission to Stanford, the world’s most selective university says Frank Bruni of The NY Times.                  

If you want to learn more about how it is done click this link ……( Secrets of a Successful Two Career Family)

  The 21st Century guarantees change like we have never known. Kids need preparation and flexibility to successfully navigate unfamiliar terrain. Fathers bring a different perspective from mothers and lucky kids are those who learn diverse ways of responding to life and solving day to day problems as they arise. The daily life of two career families provides an opportunity to watch parents navigate the demanded role changes essential for survival.

  Mom does it one way and Dad approaches career, homework and housework in his unique way. It is a win/win for all: Mom, Dad and the kids. We’ll assume Mom does not expect Dad to do it the same way she does. It is not always easy to bite your tongue and keep your mouth shut but it will benefit your kids’ future success. Unless you want your partner to lose interest, allow him or her the space they need to do it their way. If that’s hard to do, just click HERE, call or write a question and I’ll answer it.

  Earlier research demonstrates that successful women have good relationships with their fathers and it was important for later career success. Their strong self- esteem and confidence were in part a result of that early relationship with Dad.

  Current research demonstrates that fathers are a key to higher education for their children. According to Dr. Daniel Paquette, fathers play a particularly important role in the development of their children’s openness to the world, encouraging them to take risks and teaching them to be brave in unfamiliar situations.

  When you proudly watch your son or daughter walk down the aisle, at their college graduations and your heart bursts with pride and gratitude, you’ll be delighted you provided a family life that modeled at least two ways of approaching situations and solving problems. Your two career family was exhausting and challenging at times. But you demonstrated for your children the gift of team work needed to develop them into successful 21st century adults.

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