Big Problem: Majority of Our Kids are Bored, Tired and Stressed in School


Here you are working your butt off to give your kids the best of everything and research by top Yale professors confirms that your kids are down on school. Not happy in private, public, urban or suburban schools.

Kids feel boredom, tiredness and stress from 9 to 3. Is deadness replacing life for the majority of our school aged children and adolescents? I didn’t love school either. Play was more fun. But this is different. To spend 12 years of your life feeling bored, tired and stressed is a serious problem.

We had our bad days in school but when 75% of kids have only negative feelings about a major part of their lives, we need to sit up and take notice. Is this why teens currently have more mental health problems than adults? And for teens, death from suicide is catching up with accidents.

Are we putting too much pressure on them? Are they developing our increasingly frenetic lives? Is it the explosion of knowledge? The demands of the internet?

Perhaps, they are, “chips off the old block.” modeling us as we run from work to home, shop and prepare dinner, sneak in relationship time after clean-up, homework, demanding iPhones and laptops. Check this link to find ways of slowing down the race and getting the space you need.

Change is in sight. The president of Yale and Professor Brackett discovered simple ways of changing our schools and homes to get kids interested and excited about learning, enthusiastic and passionate about their lives. Pause and sense what is going on inside you right this second.

Do you sense any tension in your body? Note that! Don’t over-ride it. Do you have a feeling? Label it. Otherwise, you won’t be fully present for your next task. Keep avoiding or overriding how you are responding to life, job, kids, spouse. And guess what? You too will find yourself: bored, tired and stressed. Tune in! If you tune out, so will your kids. A full life will pass them by.

If you want to learn more or just don’t know where to begin, click here. Help is near.



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