7 Ways to Enjoy Your Two Career Family

7 ways to enjoy your family

7 Ways to Enjoy Your Two Career Family

Lesson #1. Just do it! Try to do it perfectly and your family stress index soars.


Lesson #2. Be yourself, flaws and all! Martha Stewart is the fly in two career family balm.


Lesson #3. Take time for yourself! Allow one another alone time – amount is negotiable but equitable.


Lesson #4. Focus! Drop the iPhone. Attend to what you sense and feel inside. Sense what’s going on with your partner and kids. Notice what’s happening around you. Guarantee satisfaction, reduce stress and gain time.


Lesson #5. Connect! Five minutes of being fully present to yourself, your partner and your kids reaps more rewards than an hour of preoccupied time.


Lesson #6. Quality Time! Instead of wasting precious time baking cupcakes for school, try the bakery and spend the saved time doing something fun with your family. If baking cookies together is pleasurable, and not stressful for you, go for it. Quality over quantity is your time motto!


Lesson #7. The only way you can be a perfect parent is to have a perfect child. The only way you can be a perfect wife or perfect husband is to have a perfect spouse. Don’t bury your loved ones with such unrealistic expectations.





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